Bigger Bear Coming Soon!

If you are on the Teddies by Laura Lynn newsletter, you know that I have been busy making many smaller artist bears lately.  Well today I decided to dust off the larger bear making supplies and work on a bigger bear!  Here is a sneak peek of this “work in progress”.  His fur comes from a lovely recycled faux fur coat.  Be sure to join the newsletter if you want to know when he is available for adoption!

YOU – My Teddy Bear Collectors – Have Made it Possible!

Full time teddy bear maker - thank you!

Today my heart is just so very full that I had to post.

Last Monday, my boyfriend hit his head very hard during a fall and landed in the ER.  Thankfully no fluid on the brain, no cracks in the scull.  But for the whole week he was having a very hard time with dizziness and then nausea.  He saw a doc and was diagnosed and treated for a form of positional vertigo.  He has to stay home for 3 more days and has restrictions on movement.  Thankfully I have been able to be there for him to to help with whatever needs doing.

3+ years ago my Mother had a brain aneurysm burst and was in the ICU for a month, another month in the hospital and 5 months in rehab.  I was so happy to be able to be there with her at the hospital every day for 2 months, then 2-3 times a week for 5 months at the rehab center 90 minutes away.

Quite a while ago my daughter was in high school…. right about when I started to go full time with bears.  For the first time in her life, I was able to be there for her after school.  I remember telling her that I was sorry I wasn’t there after school for her when she was younger.  She told me not to worry about it, that she REALLY liked coming home now and being able to talk with me about her day.

If it were not for all of my wonderful teddy bear collectors… NONE of this would have been possible!  I would have had to go to work.  Thank you!!!!

Two New Pocket Bears

Please meet Derby (on the left) and Patch (on the right).

These are the latest bears to come out of the studio.  They are from my Pocket Bear Collection which are bears measuring between 6-7″ tall and are fully disc and cotter pin jointed.  They don’t have paw pads or foot pads which makes them a little more affordable than my standard bears.

Patch has already been adopted, but Derby is still available at the time of this writing – on the Available Bears page.

Welcome to the New Website!

If you are on the New Bears mailing list, then you may know that my website crashed a couple of weeks ago.  I was using Google’s Blogger (free) for my site using their pages to make it look like a website instead of a blog.

Well, when you use free website hosting and something goes wrong, you really don’t have any type of technical support.  What are you going to do, stop giving them your business?

I knew I’d eventually have to move my site, and that event forced me to do it now rather than later.  I hope you like the new home of Teddies by Laura Lynn – now also known as:  (a bit shorter so you don’t have to type it all out!)