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Welcome to Teddies by Laura Lynn!

 New Bears Added April 12th!

Artist Teddy Bears by Laura Lynn

About the  Bears:  I create my bears and critters with great care.  They have premium glass eyes and are fully jointed with movable limbs and a head that turns.  They are filled with polyester fiberfill, glass and stainless steel pellets. I use only premium fabrics to sew my bears:  mohair, luxury faux fur, miniature fabrics and sometimes I will use recycle fine fur coats.

To Adopt a Bear:  Go to the “Available Bears” page.  Click on a bear’s photo to get to his sale page.  You can then pay with Credit Card or Paypal.  If you have questions, email me!

Collectibles for Adults:  These are  collectibles for adults. (artist teddy bears)  They are not safe for children under 14 due to small parts..