Upcoming Bear Making Classes

I've got a big long list of classes that I will be creating, but I thought I'd share a short list of the classes that will be coming up shortly!

  • Jointing Teddy Bears:  I will show how to joint teddy bears using cotter pins, bolts & lock nuts, wobble joints and mini bear jointing with discs and cotter pins.
  • Designing Foot Pads:    You will learn how to design your own footpads in any shape you want to fit perfectly.  Also helpful to fix others’ patterns if they aren’t quite right.
  • Beautiful Eyes:  Learn how eye size, placement and insertion changes the expression of your bear.  Learn how to hand paint your own glass teddy bear eyes.  Learn how to give your teddy bear eye whites.
  • Wired Limbs:  Learn how to give your bear wired arms and or legs for more posing options!
  • Trapunto foot pads
  • Tiny Miniature Bear:  Make a bear even smaller than Rocko!