YOU – My Bear Making Students & Collectors – Made it Possible, thank you!

Full time teddy bear maker - thank you!

Today my heart is just so very full that I had to post.
Last Monday, my boyfriend hit his head very hard during a fall and landed in the ER.  Thankfully no fluid on the brain, no cracks in the scull.  But for the whole week he was having a very hard time with dizziness and then nausea.  He saw a doc and was diagnosed and treated for a form of positional vertigo.  He has to stay home for 3 more days and has restrictions on movement.  Thankfully I have been able to be there for him to to help with whatever needs doing.

3+ years ago my Mother had a brain aneurysm burst and was in the ICU for a month, another month in the hospital and 5 months in rehab.  I was so happy to be able to be there with her at the hospital every day for 2 months, then 2-3 times a week for 5 months at the rehab center 90 minutes away.

Quite a while ago my daughter was in high school.... right about when I started to go full time with bears.  For the first time in her life, I was able to be there for her after school.  I remember telling her that I was sorry I wasn't there after school for her when she was younger.  She told me not to worry about it, that she REALLY liked coming home now and being able to talk with me about her day.

If it were not for all of my wonderful bear making students & teddy bear collectors... NONE of this would have been possible!  I would have had to go to work.  Thank you!!!!

Another Bear Making Supplier in South Africa!

Hi all!

I just wanted to let you know about another bear making supplier in South Africa.  It's Creative Me Studios:  This business is owned by Megan Wallace.

Megan offers a wide assortment of patterns as well as mohair, eyes, noses, teddy bear joints, accessories, and tools to assist in your sewing and bear making.

A Sneak Peek Inside of Teddy Bear Academy

Tip When Tracing Teddy Bear Patterns

I don't know about you, but I make a total mess of my hands when I trace out my teddy bear patterns.  I always get marker on my fingers and fingernails, and that stuff does not wash off easily!

So I finally realized the obvious - if I wear gloves while tracing the patterns, my hands will stay clean!  I use regular rubber gloves for cleaning.  They are thinner and easier to use than dishwashing gloves.  I found mine in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store.  I've also seen them in auto parts stores.

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Would you like to join Teddy Bear Academy and get access to ALL of the bear making videos & patterns inside?

You can join for a limited time for $19.95/ month - or take advantage of this Newsletter Member Special of $30 for 3 months.  

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Pixie Bear Pattern Available for Sale

Only Available Until Friday February 19th!

Pixie Teddy Bear Pattern by Laura Lynn

Pixie Teddy Bear Pattern by Laura Lynn

You will download this pattern immediately upon purchase!

No physical product will be sent.

This pattern is in PDF format. You need Adobe's FREE Adobe Reader to open and print this pattern.

Buy now

Choosing Your Thread for Handsewing & Closing Seams

Let me show you my favorite type of thread that I use for hand sewing my bears and for closing up the seams.  I'll also show you how I choose which color thread to use.

I've  given the website a little face lift!  The "Classroom" page now has photos of each class and the main Classroom page is now available to view to everyone so you can easily see what classes are included in membership.

     To celebrate, I'm having a 72 hour SALE!
Join Teddy Bear Academy now for just $14.95/month  (save $10/month off the regular price!)  
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Everyone who joins during this sale, will also receive a FREE copy of my Pixie Bear Pattern.
This pattern is rarely even offered for sale as it is one of my current patterns that I use with Teddies by Laura Lynn.
(I gave this deal to all of those who took advantage of the  Mother's Day Sale.)
Click here to get this awesome value before the sale ends:
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: Bear Making,
Laura LynnTeddy Bear Academy
Teddies by Laura Lynn


Jolly VanJingle – Christmas Elf Teddy Bear Making Class


Please meet Jolly VanJingles - one of Santa's teddy bear elves.
He 9" tall, 7" sitting. He has a bent leg design and is designed to sit.
Jolly VanJingles also has bent arms.
He is easy to make as does not have foot pads or paw pads,
and he is all dressed up for Christmas!

I have just added the pattern and class for my bear "Jolly VanJingles" to Teddy Bear Academy.  His pattern is free to members and will not be available anywhere else.  The only way to get Jolly's pattern is to join Teddy Bear Academy and get it for free.

The regular price of membership will eventually be $14.95/ month, but I am offering membership at an introductory rate of $7.95/month.  Your rate will be locked in when you sign up regardless of future price increases.  Cancel anytime!  See the FAQ link on the website.

You can sign up right here:  Join TBA Today

Next month  the Teddy Bear Jointing class will be added.  See the list of upcoming classes here!


You CAN Sew a Teddy Bear without a Sewing Machine!

Have you been wanting to make a teddy bear, but thought you had to have a sewing machine in order to do that?  Well don't worry, you can sew a teddy bear by hand and make wonderful bears!  You only need to sew a few different types of stitches to sew a teddy bear.  This free video will show you the basic back stitch that is used for the majority of sewing your bear.  You can learn the other stitches you need for making your bear with a membership to Teddy Bear Academy.