Two New Pocket Bears

Please meet Derby (on the left) and Patch (on the right).

These are the latest bears to come out of the studio.  They are from my Pocket Bear Collection which are bears measuring between 6-7″ tall and are fully disc and cotter pin jointed.  They don’t have paw pads or foot pads which makes them a little more affordable than my standard bears.

Patch has already been adopted, but Derby is still available at the time of this writing – on the Available Bears page.

Welcome to the New Website!

If you are on the New Bears mailing list, then you may know that my website crashed a couple of weeks ago.  I was using Google’s Blogger (free) for my site using their pages to make it look like a website instead of a blog.

Well, when you use free website hosting and something goes wrong, you really don’t have any type of technical support.  What are you going to do, stop giving them your business?

I knew I’d eventually have to move my site, and that event forced me to do it now rather than later.  I hope you like the new home of Teddies by Laura Lynn – now also known as:  (a bit shorter so you don’t have to type it all out!)